The College Shrink Named One Of “Top 20 Books Of 2022 That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Probably Should Have” by BookTrib

Jim Aldon, Editorial Director of BookTrib, a well known literary review organization, put The College Shrink at the top of his annual list of The Top 20 Books of 2022 That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Probably Should Have. Given the large volume of books that BookTrib sees each and every year, this is a big deal. It it great to have the support and recognition from Jim and the BookTrib team. Many thanks!

See Jim’s comments here: https://booktrib.com/2022/11/28/20-favorites-from-2022-that-youve-probably-never-heard-of/

The Hollis Copeland Show

Turns out that Hollis is a former Division 1 football player who experienced some of the same uncomfortable emotions as Seth, the confused football recruit in The College Shrink, making for a great conversation. Seth is one of the many unique characters who regularly visits a therapist on campus as he struggles with the inconsistent messages of coaches, parents, teammates and young women he hopes to date.

The Morning Show With Bob Langstaff

It’s not often that you get to be on the morning radio show in little Amherst, Virginia, but more people should have the opportunity. What a privilege to visit with host Bob Langstaff and talk about The College Shrink. A Vanderbilt University grad and clearly someone who follows education at all levels, the discussion touched on privileged private high schools, parent doing whatever necessary to have their children accepted to elite universities, and the continuing increase of serious mental health challenges on college campuses. All topics that make for a great book!

The Douglas Coleman Show

Douglas is a musician turned book and music radio show host originally from Boston and now Las Vegas. Most of the forty-five minutes was spent comparing the process of writing music to that of writing a novel. A great learning experience.

Arroe Collins Like It’s Live

A lively dialogue with a radio host who has been broadcasting his literature and music shows from North Carolina for 30 years. Great fun.

WNRI Authors Hour

Live from Rhode Island with host Wayne Barber, a 45 minute discussion about many The College Shrink characters (Emily, Jelly, Seth, Mana, Elizabeth, Monk, Marionette, Saint Henry), where they came from, and where they might be headed.

Zoom Book Club

A more than lively 90 minute evening discussion of The College Shrink with a zoom book club of ten alums from Williams College. Great questions and perspectives that continued with emails the following morning. Was college like this when we were students many years ago — or were mental health problems just better hidden? Who are the real people to admire in the story — Emily, Saint Henry, Mana, Jelly, Elizabeth? After all, they all have real flaws. How their challenges were not all that different from what the book club participants had experienced in their own lives? A lot of fun for a writer.

A Great Review From Booktrib

It never hurts when a book review begins with “This is a beautiful book.” Many thanks to Jim Aikon, Editorial Director of Booktrib for penning a wonderful review of The College Shrink. Click here to read the review. With more than 70,000 monthly visitors, Booktrib is “a website featuring under-the-radar authors that deserved to be noticed, and that readers would enjoy discovering – whether debut writers, midlist or even occasional bestsellers.”

The Tom Sumner Program

Long time Michigan radio host Tom Sumner (WFOV) spent the better part of an hour discussing college, mental health, David Balducci, and the process of writing with Bill on his three hour weekday morning show. Click here to listen. As Baldacci stated in a promo for the show, “being interviewed by Tom is like having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.”